Air Jordan XI “Bred“ (Style Code- 378037-061)

Title: The Air Jordan XI “Bred”: The Classic Model I Regret Not Buying

Air Jordan XI “Bred“ (Style Code- 378037-061)


In the realm of basketball shoe design, there are few models that hold a candle to the Air Jordan XI “Bred.” As a designer, I have seen countless shoes come and go, each with their unique flair and design. However, the Air Jordan XI “Bred” is one that I regret not buying, and it stands out for its iconic design and timeless appeal.

Design Highlights of the Air Jordan XI “Bred”

The Air Jordan XI “Bred” is more than just a basketball shoe; it is a testament to the art of shoe design. Here are some of the design highlights that make this model a classic.

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1. **Patent Leather Upper**: One of the most striking features of the Air Jordan XI “Bred” is its shiny patent leather upper. This feature was revolutionary at the time of its release, and it added a level of sophistication and elegance to the shoe that was seldom seen in basketball shoes.

2. **Red and Black Colorway**: The bold combination of black and red is another highlight of the Air Jordan XI “Bred.” This colorway pays homage to the Chicago Bulls, the team that Michael Jordan led to numerous championships. The red outsole, in particular, is a dramatic and eye-catching element that sets this shoe apart.

3. **Carbon Fiber Spring Plate**: The Air Jordan XI “Bred” also features a carbon fiber spring plate in the sole, which provides extra support and bounce on the court. This technical feature is a testament to the shoe’s balance of style and performance.

4. **Iconic ’23’ and Jumpman Logo**: The back of the shoe sports the number ’23’ and the Jumpman logo, both of which have become synonymous with the Jordan brand. These elements add to the shoe’s iconic status and appeal.

The Impact of the Air Jordan XI “Bred” on Basketball Shoe Design

The Air Jordan XI “Bred” had a significant impact on the design of basketball shoes. It proved that basketball shoes could be stylish and fashionable, without compromising on performance. The patent leather upper, in particular, became a popular feature in many subsequent basketball shoe designs.

Moreover, the bold colorway of the Air Jordan XI “Bred” set a new standard for basketball shoes. It showed that these shoes could be bold and expressive, reflecting the personality and style of the players who wore them.

Regrets and Reflections

As a basketball shoe designer, not buying the Air Jordan XI “Bred” remains one of my biggest regrets. This model represents a pivotal moment in basketball shoe design, and it continues to inspire designers, including myself, today. The balance of style, performance, and iconic branding in the Air Jordan XI “Bred” is something that I strive to achieve in my own designs.

In conclusion, the Air Jordan XI “Bred” is more than just a shoe; it is a piece of basketball and design history. As a designer, not owning this classic model is a missed opportunity to draw inspiration from one of the most iconic basketball shoes ever made.