Air Jordan 4 “Columbia“ (White-Blue)

Before we tee off, let’s get something straight. I’m a golf coach. I’ve seen more bogeys than a bird watcher and more slices than a pizzeria. But today, I’m swapping my nine iron for a pen to evaluate the Air Jordan 4 “Columbia” (White/Blue) golf shoes. Get ready to walk the fairway with me as we delve into the grip, walking comfort, waterproof capabilities and potential pitfalls of these golfing kicks.

Air Jordan 4 “Columbia“ (White-Blue)

Grip – Or How to Avoid a Slippery Situation

Golf may not be a contact sport (unless you count the occasional scuffle in the clubhouse), but a good grip is as essential as a well-stocked cooler. The Air Jordan 4 “Columbia” delivers on this front. Its rubber outsole with integrated traction pattern ensures you’ll stay rooted to the ground even when you’re swinging like a windmill in a hurricane.

However, beware of the overly zealous greenkeeper. If he’s been a little heavy-handed with the watering can, you might find yourself doing a less-than-graceful pirouette on the putting green. But hey, at least it’ll give your golf buddies something to chuckle about.

Walking Comfort – The Long and Winding Fairway

Golf isn’t just about hitting small balls into even smaller holes. There’s a lot of walking involved. And by a lot, I mean you could probably traverse the Great Wall of China in a round or two.

The Air Jordan 4 “Columbia” boasts a full-length Air unit that cushions your feet as you saunter from hole to hole. It’s like walking on a cloud. A cloud that’s been specifically designed to reduce the agony of a 7-hour golf game.

But remember, these shoes are not miracle workers. If your idea of exercise is lifting the TV remote, no amount of Air Jordan technology is going to save your aching feet.

Waterproof Capabilities – Because Golf Isn’t a Dry Sport

Golf and rain go together like sand traps and frustration. It’s inevitable. And that’s where the Air Jordan 4 “Columbia’s” waterproof capabilities come into play.

These shoes are as watertight as a duck’s backside. You could probably wade through a water hazard and come out with drier feet than a camel in the Sahara.

But, let’s be clear. These shoes are waterproof, not mud-proof. If you decide to go off-roading in them, don’t come crying to me when they end up looking like a chocolate cake.

Potential Pitfalls – No Shoe is Perfect

Now, I love the Air Jordan 4 “Columbia” as much as the next golf coach who’s been bribed with free shoes. But, they’re not without their flaws.

Firstly, the laces. They’re as slippery as a politician’s promise. You’ll spend more time retying them than you will cursing your putting skills.

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Secondly, the price. These shoes come with a hefty price tag. You might need to sell your golf cart, or your first-born, to afford them. But hey, who needs a golf cart when you’ve got shoes this comfortable, right?


In the grand scheme of golfing gear, the Air Jordan 4 “Columbia” (White/Blue) scores a solid birdie. They offer excellent grip, supreme comfort, and impressive waterproof capabilities. However, with slippery laces and a steep price tag, they’re not quite a hole-in-one. But, if you’re looking for a shoe that’ll turn heads on the course (for the right reasons), these just might be your perfect fit.